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National and international transport

National and international transport. The cargo can be transported as follows:

  • Full load transportation
    We always pay attention that we choose the most appropriate vehicle for the work and make it available to our clients, depending on the amount or size of the cargo.
  • Groupage transportation
    It is also possible to transport partial loads if you do not need the full capacity of the vehicle. We recommend this option if you want to ship a smaller shipment.

Product tracking
Our vehicles are up to date trucks and they are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS systems. Their physical condition and equipment eliminate the disadvantages of road conditions- Furthermore, with the Webeye tracking system, we can continuously track the paths of our customers’ goods, so we can ensure that the goods will be delivered not only safe but also on time.

When our Customers are needed they can follow the whole process from pickup to download.

In case of moving requests please call our office.



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