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The RE-VI Trans company started as a family business. Although our business developed well, we didn’t want to change in the family-like atmosphere between us and our colleagues. At the moment we are still working as a unique family unit.

Our customer’s satisfaction is the most important so we extend our knowledge and experience to there needs.

Our aim is continuously develop our company, that’s why we extended our services in 2017. Thereby beside national and international transport, we have been providing warehouse services too. Our plan to serve more customers with better quality.

We created our website in order for every customer to find an appropriate solution in the area of transportation and logistics.

Since our foundation, we have been growing dynamically and operating successfully. The main pillars of our business policy are the continuous improvement and environmentally-friendly vehicle procurement, and the recycle of our profits. Thanks to this, we were able to finance the construction of our warehouse, the development of our fleet and the purchase of a new independent site.

With our dedication and commitment, we lay the foundation for mutual trust and future development!

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